The 30s

The 30s

G.Raphael : Sonate op.32

P.Haas: Suite

W.Piston: Suite

N.Skalkottas: Concertino

St.Wolpe: Sonata

Fabian Menzel, oboe
Bernhard Endres, piano

Antes Edition BM-CD 31.9147

Wolpe Society – Prof. Clarkson, Canada
…For the first time on CD we can hear the piece up to tempo and with all the blood and guts it must have…And yet there is beautiful modelling, attention to the finest details of articulation and dynamics – and the ensemble is superb…Splendid contribution to the Wolpe discography… Marvelous performance…

The New York Times
…a polished performance of that work (Wolpe-sonata)….

…The five… brillant works are being interpreted by the duo Menzel-Endres with audible engagement and technical mastery…

Fono Forum : 4 stars for interpretation
…Fabian Menzel and his competent and attentive accompanist Bernhard Endres make familiar with a variety of unknown music – committedly, at high standard and sympathetically… The sonata of Günter Raphael …proves to be an astonishing discovery which by itself makes this recording already worth being listened to….

Das Orchester
…The performers succeed in conveying the composers message to the auditor by technical perfection, a wide dynamic range and a beautiful modelling of sound. Also because of the exquisite playing of Fabian Menzel and Bernhard Endres this CD is absolutely legitimated…