Radio Recordings

B.Bartók: Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion (SR)
L.v.Beethoven: Sonata op.101 (SR)
  Trio for Flute, Bassoon and Piano WoO 37 (BR live)
  Quintet for Winds and Piano op.16 (BR live)
L.Bernstein: Touches (BR)
A.Copland: Piano Variations (BR)
A.Han: Hommage à Bartók for 2 Pianos and Percussion (SR)
K.A.Hartmann: Burlesque Music for Piano and Ensemble (SR)
H.v.Herzogenberg: Trio op.61 (SR live)
L.Janacek: Concertino for Piano and Ensemble (SR live)
L.Nono: Canciones à Guiomar (SR live)
F.Poulenc: Sextuor (BR live)
S.Prokofieff: 7.Sonata op.83 (SR)
  from Visions Fugitives (SR)
C.Reinecke: Trio for Oboe, Horn and Piano op.188 (SR live)
D.Schostakowitsch: Cellosonata (SR)
F.Schubert: Quintet “The Trout” (SR)
R.Schumann: Pianotrio d-minor op.63 (SR)
K.Stockhausen: Pianopiece IX (SR live)