Press echo

.…The pianist Bernhard Endres was the celebrated soloist of the evening. He mastered Mozart’s E-flat major Concerto with a cultivated emotional style and gave to it the individual touch of his personality which had something elucidating that was commitedly listening to details, but also something lightweighted that was emphasizing the plasticity of the concerto……. Rheinpfalz

…He mastered the enourmous demands of Rachmaninoffs 2nd Piano Concerto with amazing brillance, grand emotional gestures and a large-scale shaping…The listener was captured by the elevated style and by the artistry of the work and its realisation, by the almost overwhelming emotions, by the typical Russian temperament……. Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

…an exceptional delight: a piano recital with Bernhard Endres……. SZ

….Endres’ solo-performance of Debussy’s works was the highlight of the evening. Far from superficially showing off the abilities of his hands he immediately led into a fragile world of glass : various shadings of touch; brilliant realisation of changing moods. A wide range of finest dynamical nuances and a sovereign timing made the works under Endres’ hands become a pleasure for the ears ……. SZ

…His fingers are almost caressing the keyboard, getting out of it the sweet and soft tones of the Lento, ma non troppo, the third etude from the Etudes opus 10 by Frederic Chopin. The notes hardly had died away in a silence charged with suspense, when he electrified the audience with true fireworks : the pianist Bernhard Endres…In the Twelve Etudes opus 10… he demonstrated his technical abilities : with his right hand he was swirling like a tornado over the keyboard in long legato-lines,or he showed incredibly flickering triplets. In between fine and smooth ideas again and again, or a playful vivace, which gave to this interpretation a touch of magic…… Schwarzwälder Bote

…Bernhard Endres belongs – as you could hear – to the élite of the German pianists of his generation…… SZ

…By means of clear structuring and an emphasis on colourful sounds Endres achieved an incredible transparency, which realized the multi-layered structure of Wagner’s music far from any bombast……Donaukurier

…Bartok’s brillant Improvisations op.20 gave Endres the opportunity to show his masterly command of the instrument…… Fränkischer Tag Bamberg

…especially “The Night’s Music” by Bartok totally fascinates. There is twittering, croaking, chirping of crickets and bleating. The left hand is whispering obscure sounds, the right hand is totally busy until a discant splash lost in space. You may meditate, you are reminded of Messiaen. A multi-layered sound-object is being constructed , in the space of which you may get lost or you find yourself…Endres is playing all that with a fantastic lightness and entrance, even the rests are sounding themselves…… Pfälzischer Merkur Blieskastel

…amazing how masterly he controlled even the slightest tones. The impression of a spontaneous easiness… proved to be the result of discipline and mature technique……. SZ

…Bernhard Endres was a congenial accompanist at the piano. Not only did he prove as well that he doesn’t know of any technical problems, he accompanied in a very refined way… and elicited a sonority out of the Blüthner-grand, that you could feel beamed back into the glorious times in which this instrument used to be played by such musicians as Max Reger, Fritz Busch and Elly Ney……. Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine

…as in Beethoven, Bernhard Endres captured the audience with the singing clarity of his piano-sound in Brahms’ F-major Cellosonata as well…… FAZ

…the pianist presented himself as an intelligent and creative accompanist who is differentiating his touches with utmost delicacy and who is always playing with great transparency thanks to an admirable chord-and pedal-technique……. Rheinpfalz